Zack Gross

Zack Gross

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Welcome to my Homepage & Website!

The work that I do the life that I lead (I hope) is all about adding positive and altruistic actions to the welter of activity that takes place in our world every day. I aim to present an alternative to what is conventional, but do so humbly and with humour.

The past 50 years of my life and hopefully the next 50 have been, in career terms, spent with such organizations as The Marquis Project, MCIC, various Manitoba voluntary sector initiatives, etc. to which I've provided web links.

My resume also tells you a bit about what I've done and am looking to do in the future.

My articles are written and have been for many years for the Brandon Sun on current global and national issues. I hope that you find them informative, provocative and entertaining!

I am inspired and energized by the many people who contribute in a caring and sharing way to our world every day. Our communities at home and abroad are strengthened by youth, seniors and everyone in between who are concerned about, and do something positive about, the environment, our democratic institutions, our human rights, militarism, poverty, disease and so on. That is what real progress is about.

I hope that you will find something interesting and important to you on this site.

                                                                                           - Zack